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HandCrafted in Bedfordshire


A way with the Wax! All our products are carefully handmade creating a unique blend between Modern & Rustic.

We hand select the finest fragrance oils to create long lasting Scented Candles & Wax Melts to fill your homes with all your favorite scents.

We want all our customers to experience the 'WOW' factor between Amazing smells, Fantastic packaging & Great value.


Wax Melt, Wax Addict, Wax

Strong, long lasting fragrance. That what we want right?

We push & push to ensure we get the balance right between Quality & Value.

Our SuperScented Wax Melts pack a punch to give you that long lasting fragrance.

Just make sure you use the correct burners! We recommend an electric burner for longevity as they gently heat the wax, slowly releasing the fragrance in to your room.

Don't have one? A tealight burner is a fantastic alternative. However, these are going to deliver a stronger scent but may reduce the length of the fragrance.

Either way, we guarantee you wont be disappointed

Hand Poured Candles

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We Create Artisan Style Container Scented Candles in multiple different Colours & Fragrances.

Our Style balances between Rustic & Modern allowing them to feature in any room in the house.

Each Candle is carefully Hand Poured & Beautifully packaged.

All our products are created using Soy Wax to give you the natural benefit of a healthier alternative to Traditional Paraffin wax.

A Soy Candle Lasts longer, Burns cleaner & is environmentally Friendly.

What more could we ask for?

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